A quick update

The mixed episode is ending. Dr N thought I had bad akathasia which was partly responsible. He raised my Artane to 5mg in the morning and 5mg at night. It’s helping so far. He also increased my Gabapentin to 200mg. What a slow titration! I see him again Dec 10. I got my Ritalin and I’m NOT going to run out this time.

Tonight is a quiet night. I worked on a website, made pasta (since I have to gain weight according to everyone, and I DO need to gain weight. I had McDonalds yesterday and didn’t purge, and had a big breakfast sub on Monday and didn’t purge, so that’s good)

I’m 101lbs and need to get to 110. Dr N threatened to take me off Ritalin if I don’t gain weight. Ugh. I’m pretty active at the barn. I rode Sully yesterday, not a hard ride, but bareback and jumped some little fences. I’m gettin great bareback. Michele says I need to ride with a saddle more. Shows coming up. I’m riding Odus (Odie-Spaghottie Pon-Pon) tomorrow because he keeps throwing his little riders. Oh goody!

I have therapy tomorrow at 2, then riding. I got my helmet cam working, and fucked it up during riding and it didn’t record. Oh well. I’ll duct tape the battery part on and test it better next time. For now, I’ll eat my penne with meatballs and do internet stuff. I spent all day on a website. I hope she likes it!

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