Om non non non

I emailed my psychiatrist and told her I’m feeling abysmal (with a bit more detail). She said that lithium can take time to settle and work, and said I could take Wellbutrin short term if I was willing to risk a very small chance of mania. I said yeah. You guys know what it’s like, we are all kinda munching our way through all the pills like an unhappy Pac Man. So for a while I’ll be on two antidepressants (one ssri, one maoi) and lithium.

Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can get my internal stye lanced. Fun. Today I fixed the toilet. Yep, I’m having all the pills and all the fun; that’s why the rest of you are having a shitty time. Sorry.

Right now I’m miserably wondering what the suffering fuck to eat, because nothing tastes good. And where the hell do you go once you’re sick of soda water and toast and marmite?

I feel like all I do is whinge. I’m boring myself shitless.

My dogs are happy. I bought them cow hooves to chew.

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