Bipolar Roundup Yawn

I’m getting sick of news items about bipolar. Another celeb comes out, says two sentences and suddenly they’re a stigma warrior … e t c e t e r a …

Frank Bruno sectioned twice in the last 18 months
Rene Russo reveals she’s bipolar
Misty Upham’s body found
Justin Trudeau – privileged but painful childhood

Mental illness is a disease just as much as cancer or chlamydia. It is not elective, it is not fun, and it certainly is not funny. We don’t go around photographing chemotherapy patients, hoping to catch them in a fragile moment. When Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy, she was celebrated as brave and inspiring to women the world over. There was no bounty for photographs of her scars.

So why is it okay for paparazzi agencies to send out their goons when a young woman is publicly exhibiting symptoms of a mental health emergency? It isn’t. It’s shameful. It’s been nearly a decade since Britney Spears’ own well-documented, much-maligned mental breakdown, and the conversation has barely changed. That’s shameful, too. What is wrong with us?

why do we love watching mentally ill celebs?

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