A nothingy update

Grief changes everything. It’s a brutal metamorphosis. A caterpillar at least gets the time to spin a cocoon before its internal organs dissolve and its skin sloughs off. Nicola Griffith

I’ve been reading blogs lately, but not saying much and not writing much here and reading less about bipolar … because I’m at the stage where I’ve researched enough to answer current questions. So now the blogs are more significant, because you (we) are living it, coping, not coping, thinking, being …

Lithium is still assaulting my tastebuds heinously, I can only eat and drink totally bland stuff or the aftertaste is vile. I’ve got a rash on my chest and an internal stye and I’ve lost track of what to blame on lithium.

Mostly I’m just boringly depressed. Going on for month 16 of it too. So much fucking fun.

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