Bipolar Roundup 5

… please stop using the word “bipolar” to describe the weather or your weird professor or your parents. Stop using the word “bipolar” to describe anything other than a person who is bipolar and who has expressed to you that they are bipolar. The weather is not bipolar — you are simply ignorant.
Let’s stop calling the weather bipolar

Negative life events, such as loss of employment, relationship, or close friend or family member raised the risk of depressive relapse, but so did positive events such as a new relationship or job.

However, I wonder if any young woman feels like marrying a man whose mother has such a disease. I’m afraid her parents would absolutely oppose the marriage.
I’m scared my bipolar disorder will affect my son’s marriage

Last month, Anna Fels wrote in the Sunday NYTimes suggesting that lithium be added to the drinking water because trace amounts of lithium are associated with lower rates of mental illness, violence and suicide in particular.  What she didn’t say was that communities with naturally-occurring lithium in their drinking water enjoy greater longevity as well.
lithium for life extension

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