Saw my psychiatrist

Had a decent appointment. Apparently Piportil works as a mood stabilizer as well. My pdoc upped the clonazepam to 2mg at night, switched me off dexedrine and put me on ritalin instead, and upped the Piportil dose to 75mg every 2 weeks. I see him next Nov 10.

Here’s the fun part.

Piportil doesn’t come in 75mg vials. It was either get two shots (one 50mg, one 25mg) or waste some of the 100mg. My GP is in charge of the Piportil, and he said he’d rather waste some of the 100mg, because its less needles.

So.. my pharmacy.

They got the 100mg in too late on Friday. Then there was a kerfuffle about my insurance card which I gave them on the 5th when I renewed a prescription. I left at 1pm. Dr B’s office was closed for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.


The pharmacy called a walk in clinic and explained the dosage and whatnot, and I waited there for an hour, got my shot (3/4 of a 100mg vial, or 1.5mL, easier to measure in mL).

But I BLEW UP at my pharmacy. I was PISSED. I later apologized, but FUCK, seriously, get it RIGHT. And they’re “the best” according to my docs. I’d hate to see the worst!

Oh well, its over now.

The new 75mg dosage, up from 50mg, really knocked me out for a bit. I got home and cuddled under many blankets (Piportil makes me more sensitive to the cold) and then after the lovely sedation (quiet mind, just relaxed) wore off, I had to bring my roommate to the ER because she got kicked by a horse.

The doc there was an ASSHOLE. I felt terrible for her.

I slept well last night.

I fell off my horse today just goofing around. It was pretty funny. I wish I had it on video.

That’s about it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Canadians out there!

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