What research into Bipolar Disorder do YOU want to see?

Originally posted on MindfulEm's Toolkit for the Mind:

In collaboration with other organisations, The James Lind Alliance has launched a new Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for Bipolar Disorder. The purpose of this work is to undertake more research into bipolar disorder.

At the heart of this project is the patient voice. The research that will be conducted with take into account the questions that sufferers, parents and carers would like to be answered. Following receipt of these entries, a top 10 of questions will be published. Again, the public can comment on these and rank them in order of preference.

For example, here is a question I intend to pose (or something along those lines):

“What is the impact of SSRIs on triggering a first episode of hypermania and/or mania”.

I’m particularly interested in the impact of SSRIs when prescribed at a young age (eg. late teens, early twenties) and to see how many go on to develop bipolar…

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