RIP Claireodactyl

This morning I heard that you committed suicide and to be frank, my reaction was mixed. I’m sad about it, of course. You were always so bright and kind and your comments really stood out. I will miss you. If your blog wasn’t private now, I’d sit and read it all, just to spend time with you.

I also know that you attempted suicide recently, that your mind was not a happy place and I can understand any bipolar person wanting to catch the bus. I really hope the end wasn’t too hard or painful. I hope there was some peace in it.

I really hope your nearest and dearest will be ok.

I think Hell exists on Earth. It’s a psychological state, or it can be a physical state. People who have severe mental illness are in Hell. People who have lost a loved one are in Hell. I think there are all kinds of different hells. It’s not a place you go to after you die. 
– Al Franken

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