Positive Affirmations


Quotes, mantras, self-talk or positive affirmations – whatever you call them, positive sayings are basically phrases or messages you tell yourself to help purify your mind and counteract negative thoughts. The theory is that with repetition these positive affirmations will sink into your subconscious and eventually become your reality.

Affirmations can be made in many ways. They can be used during formal meditation. You could write your thoughts in a journal. Some people just “talk” to themselves either in their head or out loud. A popular form of using affirmations is to write the sayings on sticky notes and attach them to places you see regularly. Whatever method you choose, the key is to keep the thoughts and words positive. Avoid using negative words like “can’t” or “don’t.”

Positive Affirmations are excellent tools for self-improvement, motivation and self-esteem. They can increase enthusiasm, optimism, self-empowerment, hope and ultimately, mental health. These affirmations are helpful for anyone, but they are of particular use for people with bipolar disorder. This is because the positive affirmations help reduce stress and stress is a key factor in bringing on bipolar episodes. Affirmations are not a quick-fix. Negative thoughts build over the years and it can take quite a while to feel the effects from an affirmation practice.

You can get books on affirmations or find hundreds on the internet. Some of the best ones are those you write yourself. Keep them short and simple so they can be easily memorized. Then you can do your affirmations anywhere. When reading or saying your affirmations focus on their meaning to you and your life. An adage I’ve always clung to is: “This too shall pass.” It works for me under many circumstances. Other positive thoughts include: You are what you think; It is what it is; Happiness is a choice; I take pleasure in my own solitude; To thine own self be true; One step forward is one step closer; and I can handle whatever comes my way.

Find or create some positive affirmations that work for you.
Today is going to be a good day !

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