Well, now I have a psychiatrist

I haven’t had a psychiatrist in a while, since Dr N left and moved to a different city. He’s coming back though, but my referral went through at the hospital, and I’m seeing Dr M again, next Wednesday. I liked him. I do want to read the report he wrote about me, for my GP, though.

I’ve got a part time job. I do IT for 2 small companies in a small city. My boss is sort of intimidating, but I’m getting used to it. I had last week and this week off because he was out of town, and the construction on the roads were so bad the places had to be closed. That would piss me off if I ran the place.



This is how I feel as an IT worker. Beats McDonalds though!

The Consta was increased to 37.5mg every other week. I’m on Dexedrine now. I have fun on the phone with the pharmacy earlier. I called to let them know I needed it for tomorrow (my pill organizer was empty, but I had dropped a couple pills in my med safe) and they called back going “You had a 30 day supply!” and I grabbed the (empty) bottle and read off the date, pills, and dosage. The Dexedrine is stronger than Ritalin in a smaller dose, and I find it very helpful. It doesn’t make me as anxious as the Ritalin did, either.


How I feel sometimes

I got an, “Oh. Let me look that up”, ad was proven right. I can pick it up on Friday. They always fuck something up, but they’re one of the better pharmacies, sadly. And they’re right across the street from me, its literally, walk down the stairs, cross the street, walk in.


I feel like this when dealing with my current pharmacy. However, it’s better than this:


How my last pharmacy made me feel


Thankfully, this hasn’t happened at my current pharmacy. It has happened at others. I give them an A+

The Consta shots I’m finding a bit painful, and they sometimes make a muscle in my poor butt twitch during. I’ve had a couple I haven’t felt, and two that haven’t been great. One of those was in my arm, ugh, that sucked. The pain isn’t terrible, and it goes away really quickly. There is no aching or soreness after if its your butt that’s stabbed, but arm is another story.


Sometimes I feel like this, too.

I had a horse show last weekend. I didn’t place at all (I was in a class of 20, and my horse was going full-speed-ahead) but i had a lot of fun and nearly died in the heat. It was almost 40C (110F) out. I was wearing full show gear.


Sully (“Sultan of Swing”) and I before our class.



Giving Sully a hug for being a good boy.



Sully says, “I’d rather go home and go to sleep”.

Isn’t he a cutie pie? He’s a 15 year old Trakehner and is lovely. He’s a sweet horse, he did chomp on my ribs one day while I did up his girth, and he’s great for confidence and has beautiful gaits. He’s such a sweetie, and a good boy. He knows who I am now, and he’ll knicker at me from the paddock, and come right to me. That’s because I spoil him!

So that’s about it for now.

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