I’m still battling a multi-day migraine, but I wanted to post a review on the second Counter Culture Coffee I tried, which would be Rustico. I found Rustico to be a much “easier” drink than Equilibrium. There were less tangy notes, not to say that Equilibrium wasn’t good, it just had a less sour taste. I found Rustico to be smoother, with a more pleasing body. The aroma, again, was wonderful and it had a great aftertaste. Overall, I’m impressed with both coffees I’ve tried from Counter Culture.

I again freshly ground the beans, but went with my Hario V60 pour over to brew. I have found through all the coffees I’ve tried so far that they all taste better with a pour over brew. It’s definitely an  option to look into if you are serious about your coffee.

I’m also pleased to see that Counter Culture offers decaf options in their coffees. As a bipolar migraine sufferer, too much caffeine can trigger either a manic phase or a migraine, so I have seriously been looking into cutting back on the caffeine, without sacrificing flavor.

Again, if there are any coffees my readers love, let me know! Email me or comment below!


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