I’m excited to review Counter Culture Coffee’s Equilibrium today. I want to state for the record, I am not a professional coffee taster/sampler/cupper/roaster/barista. I’m simply a coffee fan looking for amazing tastes. I plan to blog about the coffees that really stood out to me.

Counter Culture Coffee has so many awesome blends and varieties of coffee. It was nearly impossible to pick two to test out. I heard a lot of buzz about Equilibrium, and I also purchased Rustico  (which is next on my review list). First off, Counter Culture is a great resource for all things coffee, They are committed to responsible, sustainable coffee sourcing and to great variety and quality in the coffees they feature. They also have impressive resources as far as learning about coffee, and offer classes on roasting, brewing and more. Subscriptions to the coffees are available and you can also purchase wares and equipment. In short, Counter Culture Coffee is moving fast up my list of favorite coffee companies.

Now, on to the coffee itself. I brewed a single cup of Equilibrium after grinding the beans. The beans had been roasted shortly after my order, so I had great fresh beans to use. I brewed with my Aeropress and tried the coffee without any cream or sweetener (though I never use any kind of sweetener). Equilibrium’s notes are fig and tangerine, and you definitely taste the tangerine on the sour tastebuds. It’s not offensive or too sour, but you definitely get the notes. The fig comes in more on the aftertaste, giving it a smooth finish. The aroma of Equilibrium is ideal and the mouthfeel (a weird coffee tasting term) is great. This was definitely more sour than what I am used to (overall I don’t care for sour tastes) but the fig helped balance it out and a bit of creamer made it more palatable to me. In all, Equilibrium is a tasty coffee with unique flavors that make it stand out from other brands. I am looking forward to trying the Rustico as well as several other choices on Counterculturecoffee.com!


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