The Return

I’ve been absent for a while, things have been crazy to say the least. For now, it seems my health issues are starting to get under control. My antipsychotic medication reduces my white blood cell count, and as a result, I got a virus over a month ago that I’m still getting over. Add into that one visit to the oncologist to determine what was going on with my blood cells and two broken friendships and you have a recipe for a depressive episode. Surprisingly, I’m doing well mentally. The support I have from my family and (true) friends is amazing and God is always there for me. 

I’ve really made some strides in regards to my own self worth and the impact I allow others to have on me. This has caused me to view a lot of things differently, and I hope to reflect those changes in upcoming posts. The topics range from serious to goofy and I’m excited to start blogging more frequently. Thanks to those of you who reached out to make sure I was ok, I appreciate it!

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