Vyvanse sucks

Current meds:

Risperdal Consta for psychosis and mood stabilization. 37.5mg every two weeks, IM

Clonazepam for anxiety. 0.5mg 3x’s daily

Cipralex (lexapro) for anxiety, 20mg once a day, tapered down from 40mg

Artane for side effects, 5mg as needed

Vyvanse, 30mg, not taking it because it makes me BATSHIT.

I took Vyvanse the first day and it made me super irritable, restless and have the akathasia feelings. It was awful. It didn’t help my attention, either, I was even more easily distracted and couldn’t focus. Next day, same thing. Call doc’s office, get an appointment, take it today to see if its continuing and yes, it is.

I’m having urges to self harm, and I haven’t done that since May, 2011. It’s making me very restless. It’s hell. I hate it.

Fuck you, Vyvanse, and fuck my drug plan for not covering the med I need.

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