Perky Linky Post!!

I’m a little hopped up on caffeine and sunshine and back with a gathering of posts and sites for you to check out!

I shared with you my iced coffee recipe. Alicia over at has another less lazy more culinary recipe to try. I advise you get your coffee from Georgia Bean Roasters, a veteran owned company. I love independent coffee roasters and also supporting our vets!

Speaking of vets (and being the daughter of one) I am appalled by the tumult happening with the VA.  In case you missed it, there’s been resignations and shake ups. It’s disgraceful to not take care of our veterans’ physical and mental health. It breaks my heart to see homeless, addicted and otherwise impaired veterans come into the emergency room I work in.

I know I’ll be writing a separate post on this topic, but the concept of emotional abuse, gaslighting and calling women crazy is an extremely sensitive subject. As a highly functioning bipolar woman, I find this practice beyond demeaning, and I’m sad to say I’ve received quite a few “low blows” regarding my mental health.

Miscellaneous: I wish I had room for this potting bench

Hope you like the links and have a great weekend!




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