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Fucking Finances!

Oh dear. Financial fear has come to pay me a visit and it is not nice. All I can think about is the paltry few dollars I will have left in my checking account after I pay my rent. Nothing makes me crazier than worrying about money! I should have a Disability check coming in the first week of June, but I’ve gotten used to having a nice, healthy bank balance, and with the many and sundry medical bills I’ve been paying, it’s been depleted. I know, I know, I’m Miss Tapper, and I’m going to post this sucker up here and then start a Tapping marathon! I’ll let you know how it goes. Send me your positive juju, will you? Gracias. Oh, and to all those who have lost loved ones in our Armed Forces, I send you my sincere condolences and respect.

Here’s a purdy purdy picture that has nothing to do with anything.  I just like to share :)   This is Topsail Island, NC.



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Tangle in Peace – My New Blog

I am drawing more than I expected and participating in online challenges more than I thought I would.  I want to have a place to put my pieces online so that they don't take over this blog.  The idea of just a separate tab for my art isn't working.

So I made a new blog, Tangle in Peace.  It's still very much in the infant stage.  No bells or whistles.  I will probably dress it up a little and personalize it more in the future.  And that is where I will be posting my tangle attempts.

You're all invited over there anytime.