Insurance and an Admittance

So…I have insurance again. 🙂

Which takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m not having to panic anymore. I can go to the doctor and dentist now without worry.

I also got my father to apologize for not calling me to inform me about my loosing my insurance. I have no clue if he meant his apology or not…I suspect not. He more than likely just said it to appease me. But, at least I got him to say the words. For the first time ever, he said “I’m sorry” for something he did to me. Even if he did not mean a word of it, I am going to take what I can get. I cannot expect much else from him, so I’ll be happy with what I got. Him admitting anything to me was a huge shock.

Granted, he told me that I was lying to him about a lot of things before he gave me the apology. So I’m not too sure how seriously I can take any of this. He tried to convince me that I was lying about the fact that he told me I had no insurance. He knows that’s a lie, and I told him so. I’m sure he’s angry with me. He was very displeased with everything that I had to say when I called him about the insurance.

Still, I’m covered again. So there’s nothing else to worry about at the moment. It was all taken care of. I won’t worry about it, since I got an apology (sincere or not, I don’t give a damn), which is what I was owed. And beyond that…I don’t give a shit. I’ll just keep on dealing with everything as it comes. From now on, I’m going to just handle my insurance and keep an eye on it myself. I obviously cannot hope to count on my dad to keep me insured and informed, so I’ll have to stay on top of things as if it were my own insurance that I was paying for.

So I got good news. Which makes me happy. The admission solely that I know my dad may not (most likely did not) mean his apology, and it doesn’t upset me to know that. I kind of expected it. I’m able to accept it and just move on. That’s a step towards…well, as close to normal as I can get in relationships with my father.

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