Taking Chances

Life with bipolar means following a routine to avoid any mood swings. This can often mean life gets mundane and boring, but it reduces your risks of manic or a mind numbing fall into depression. My routine works pretty well for me. Some people looking at my life might think it’s boring or less than exciting but I’ve noticed a lot more stability with my moods and sleeping habits. So the trade off to me is worth it. Still it is human nature to get a bit restless after a while and we look to shake things up a bit and I am no stranger to drastic change.

I’ve always lived life by the thought that I’d rather live a life of “Oh wells” instead of a life of “what ifs”. This on more than one occasion has led me to heartbreak, disappointment and losing trust. And on other occasions this has led me to the happiest moments of my life, those pure and crystalline moments when you truly feel alive. Of late, I’m honoring that voice inside of me that tells me to take chances- carefully of course. I am giving my heart credit for taking a beating and still being willing to try again. If I had to pick which of the qualities I like best about myself I would say my strength. I have been so heartbroken I actually wanted to die and yet here I am again, ready to give love another shot.

Is there a time you took a chance and it worked out well? Please share this experience in the comments!

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