I should post more here

I’m working on some research articles and stuff.. and a lot of programming for my other website, Abnormal Babble. It’s exhausting.

I have a job at a greenhouse (in the cooler, though, handling cut flowers, it’s about 15-20 C in there) for the summer and on. I’m happy. I need more money to

  1. Get a better apartment when this lease is up
  2. Buy myself groceries once in a while, instead of bothering my mom (Thanks for the groceries, mom, I really appreciate it!)
  3. Ride more
  4. Etc




The pony, Ayla, I’m currently leasing. Isn’t she sweet? She IS making faces at me though!

So hopefully everything works out and I don’t break down again. I broke down in October because I was in a mixed state, gaining weight like mad, and in a bad living situation. I’m glad they sent the email.


Cancelled therapy today. It’s not doing much. My tdoc is my age so we mostly just chat. I don’t want to pay to chat with someone.

Oh, here are two Photoshop drawings I did. Be nice, the second one (pill bottle) is the first time I’ve worked without an outline.


Three weeks without a cigarette. Not even a drag.

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