What’s been goin’ on

Ugh.  Life. I’ve been 2 weeks without a cigarette. None. Nada. Not even a drag. Not even an e-cig. I even threw out all my e-cigs. They make me cough until I throw up. Yum eh? Go Wellbutrin! Hardly any cravings anymore.

Sooo.. hm. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon yesterday and he was great. I took the magnet out of my finger (what a hassle at the hospital, they refused, as it was “self inflicted”, give me a fucking break, how many self inflicted things do they deal with daily!) myself, and now I can get an MRI. So I’m getting an MRI in June to decide what to do with my shoulder. Looking at surgery, since the tear won’t fix itself.

My doctor got me in an hour early, was very thorough. Very nice man. He’s highly recommended, and not bad on the eyes either. *wink* I actually looked at him as he spoke. He was very kind. Explained a lot. Answered my questions. Didn’t bat an eye at my schizoaffective diagnosis or meds. Just wrote it all down. Liked the story of how I damaged my arm. Is happy I do a sport that won’t re-damage it unless I repeat the exact scenario again.

Going riding tomorrow. Learning games. Like pole bending, barrel racing. Gonna be sooo much fun. Finished a big knitting project, started on another.

Have more oral surgery on Monday. There were 3 scenarios for my pain: 1. A piece of root broke off and would reject itself out of my gums in a few days. 2. A piece of bone broke off, same ending as 1. 3. My jaw bone was poking out of my gums and would cause pain until I had my jaw shaved down and my gums stitched over it.

I hate option 3. Why does it have to be option 3?! So I go in to the surgeons to have option 3 taken care of on Monday. I have my shot on Friday. Hopefully Dr B can find the Piportil. It’s like a game there, “Hide San’s Piportil”. I called to make sure they had it, and I didn’t have to hit the pharmacy sometime this week. Oh well. I can tell Dr B I haven’t had a smoke since the day he rx’d the Wellbutrin. He was excited at the last shot that I made it 3 days!

He’s such a friendly doc, I wish everyone had a GP like him. He’s knowledgable, friendly, funny, fast with referrals, and busts his ass for his patients. When I gave him a Christmas card, saying that (in different wording) he asked if I meant it, and thanked me so much. It was nice of him. He’s very sweet. He said I made his day! I’m glad I could. He busts his ass for patients!

Sooo.. that’s about it.. knitting.. I started a blog where I’m writing my autobio.. not much up… Tired n Wired.

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