Update on the Panic

Welp….I actually have not had insurance for 1 month.

I’m seriously panicked.

But…I’m doing hard-core searching for insurance now.

My father though…I wish he could have just told me that he had canceled my insurance. That way I could have found new insurance in March. So now I’m trying frantically to get it now…a month out.

At least now I’ve learned it was a month ago. So I have a definitive date as to when I lost my insurance. That gives me something concrete to work with. But it also means I have to cancel all my doctor appointments until I get new insurance. And hope that my new company is for all my doctors (I don’t want new doctors again).

So that’s a quick update.

Once I’m not panicking so much, I’ll write a more detailed post. Right now though, I’m a bit too nervous to write anything.

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