Full-Blown Panic

So…I learned today that I have no health insurance (at the moment).

My father cancelled my insurance 2-ish weeks ago. And didn’t bother to tell me. Best part of this, I have to say “2-ish” because I have no clue when it actually was. Because he wouldn’t tell me about it…I have absolutely no freaking clue when I lost my insurance. I just know it was cancelled sometime in March.

That’s one of the most frightening things I can consider, honestly. I have prescriptions I have to fill for my mental health…as well as for my physical well-being. And now I learn that I cannot get those prescriptions. Then…there’s the fact that I have preexisting conditions. I know it’s too soon for the preexisting clauses for insurance companies to kick in…but I can’t stop myself from being one step from panicking about what could happen to me. It’s not logical, in the slightest to be freaking out yet, but I’m seriously nervous. Because if something happens, I have nothing to fall back on. But, I had to find out today. Which just causes problems. Because I need all of my medications in the next week or so.

I don’t handle surprises well. Especially not related to my health and mental stability. So getting this dropped on me without warning, when I go to get a prescription…it was pretty much my worst nightmare. I think I’m more furious and panicked that I wasn’t told weeks ago that I had no insurance. I could have looked for new insurance before it ended on March 31st. But instead I found out roundabout today, when I officially have nothing to cover me. That seriously scares me. Because if something happens, I’m not covered. I can’t afford to be without insurance.

And my father didn’t even bother to call me and give me a heads up. So now, I’m just hoping that I can figure something out, promptly, to get me covered. I need insurance. Being this freaked out is really not healthy for me, I know. But I’ll find a way to figure this out. It’s just enough to make me one step off a full-blown panic though, which is why I had to vent this out.

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