A trip to the oral surgeon and some strange bravery on my part

I had an appointment with an oral surgeon today because my one tooth had a root canal and it failed, so I had to get the tooth extracted. I thought I was going in for a consult. I took a clonazepam an hour before the appointment, because even consults make me nervous.

The surgeon, Dr G was very calm and nice. He said the root canal had failed, and he could extract it today under local. “The worst part will be the needles”

Hesitation. “Maybe. Oh, needles don’t bother me. How long will it take?”

“20 minutes if it goes easily, 30 minutes if its rougher. Sometimes the tooth breaks.”

“Okay, do it now”.

Spontaneous decision. Get it over with.

5 minutes later he was set up in a procedure room and gave me 2 syringes full of anaesthetic (which didn’t really hurt, he used topical first, what a nice guy! Really, dentists that use topical before local even on adults, they are saints) The tray of instruments scared the shit out of me, but not all of them were for me.

He said if I felt anything more than pressure to stop him. He yanked the tooth in a few minutes and all I felt was pressure, then release. Then I relaxed. He checked for broken pieces, there was one, he got it out in a minute. He cleaned out the area, checked thoroughly. From start to finish, 20 minutes.


No sedation. I usually get nitrious oxide at my dentists. This is a first for me.

I’m proud of myself. I was a bit nervous, a bit above baseline. But I didn’t panic or freak out or cry or anything. I wasn’t in pain. I’m in a bit now, but he gave me tylenol 3’s (30 of the damn things! Holy generous!) for the pain. I’m drinking mostly water.

So much relief. The tooth is out. He was pretty gentle, for yanking a tooth. I only regret not asking for the tooth, hehe. My first non-sedated (other than cleaning) dental procedure in years. And I didn’t flip. My dentist made a good referral. He was very calm, professional, explained everything he did and what I would feel, very fast, and didn’t give me time to get nervous.

I don’t want to do it again, but if I had to, I’d go to him.

My face hurts now, the local wore off a few hours ago (he gave me a LOT) and I’m waiting for a T3 to kick in, but I’m proud of myself.

I regret not eating before I went in.. if I would have known, I would have had the subway sub I’m craving right now (and have been ALLLL day) earlier!

I also have wellbutrin (zyban) for quitting smoking. Today is day 0. Wish me luck! My doc offered me Champix, but he said “It’ll make you moody” to which I replied “Moodier” and he laughed and said “I guess it’s out of the question then!”

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