Certain Numbers

1There are certain numbers that just bother a person.

For me, it happens to be the number 1 that absolutely grates on me. I don’t like odd numbers as much as even numbers anyway…but this number is absolutely grating. For some reason, this number just serves to seriously bother me on multiple fronts. I’m not sure why…or even what this number has to do with anything. I don’t think there is anything at all that leads to my internal annoyance and problems with it. I just know that there’s certain things about this number that seriously bother me.

I know that when I’m eating, I can’t have just 1 of something. I never have been able to. So if it’s a holiday dinner…I can’t just have 1 dinner roll, or just 1 scoop of something. I have to have 2, minimum. That’s all just a way, even minor in method, that I try to avoid this stupid number. It’s not something I have really ever thought of before, but I actively avoid this number. It just grates on me that much. Then there’s the thing about this number where it just kind of crops up where I least want it. (I think that’s to be expected from something that is annoying though)

If it’s paired with another number, like 2 and 1 to make 21, I’m fine. But, by itself, the number 1 is annoying to me. There’s really only a few things where I’m fine possessing only one of them. And that’s things like my cat. I have 1 cat. But that’s different. A cat is a person. And for people numbers have different rules. But for objects, or just even seeing the number, 1 bothers me a lot.

Actually, even writing this is driving me nuts. But, I’m writing it, because maybe having to write that stupid, annoying number so often might help me a bit for coping. After all, seeing the stupid number all over the place means it is part of my daily life. I can’t be getting annoyed over a number constantly (or at least, I need to be able to deal with it). So, I’m writing this, even though it makes me cringe to keep writing the number over and over again.

Not that I really feel better about this, but I do think writing helps somehow.

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