A typical week for me

Hmm, what do I do all day?

Mondays are my lazy days. I don’t generally shower or do much. I work on my websites, smoke a lot of cigarettes, check my email a lot.

Tuesdays I’ll go out to the barn, sometimes ride, sometimes have a friend over, get take-out to eat, or make stew or a quesadilla. Nothing exciting there. On the third Tuesday of the month I go to a Fetlife munch.

Let’s set it to Wednesday.

On Wednesdays I’ll usually get up around 9 or 10, take my meds, have a shower, brush my teeth, go online, check my email, check Crazyboards where I moderate, and then head out to my therapy session, and after that I’ll meet with my one client, at her farm, and after, grab something to eat, go home and work on some website stuff. I’ll take my afternoon meds with food, and do website stuff, chat, go on facebook, whatever.

At night, I play Pathfinder (like Dungeons and Dragons) where I am a catfolk fighter named Whiskey. We play until about 10:30pm, then I come home, or stay at a friends. I take my night meds after we’re done, and read a bit before bed, and sleep. That’s a Wednesday.



My critical hit die.

On Thursdays if I’ve stayed over at a friends, I’ll get up, have a smoke outside, we’ll hang out, do whatever. Some nights I’ll go to the local gay bar, Envy, and we’ll dance and hang out. That’s usually the first or second Thursday of the month. Then around 4 I go to the barn to help out with evening feed and 7-9 is extreme trail night. I go home after, shower, go to bed, coz I’m exhausted.

On Fridays, every other one is Piportil injection day. On injection days, I get up, drive to my GP’s, wait a couple minutes, get my injection, go home (time spent at GP: 10 minutes max) and sleep a bit more if the shot sedates me, which it usually does, for an hour or two. On other Fridays, I’ll sleep in a bit more, do nothing all day, work on clients sites, knit, do whatever, hang out with friends at night. Sometimes they’ll stay over, or I’ll stay over at their place.

Saturdays.. Movie night with Rob. We’ll go, pick a movie, get tickets, have a drink or shot of tequila, smoke a cigarette, watch the movie, hang out, go home.. Or I’ll hang out with other friends.. I tend to not do as much coding in the day.

Sunday: I usually go to my parents for supper.

What an exciting life I lead! I do do other exciting things. I swear!

Here’s a pic of the pony I lease. Ayla. 🙂


Isn’t she cute?


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