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Whatever Comes Next

After a long stretch of depression (and when I say long I mean long for a rapid cycler) I began feeling really good again on Saturday and now it’s getting to that slightly hypomanic stage where I am still feeling good but the rapid thoughts are getting a little out of hand.  I have accomplished a decent amount of spring cleaning, but I keep finding more and more things I want to get done, and I am having to remind myself to tone it down so I don’t get frustrated and rageful.  My son has been sick with a mild cold the past few days so he is a little slower than usual.  Granted, a lot grumpier, but then there are sweet moments where he wants to be held, and freeing moments where he will play quietly on his own.  The grumpy screamfests have been intense, but understandable.  I sometimes feel like pitching a fit when I have a stuffy nose and fever too.  Right now I am enjoying a purely quiet moment while he takes a nap…ah, sweet bliss!  Oh, but I miss him already.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?

In my efforts to spring clean I found the file with all my mental health related articles so hopefully I can do something productive with that soon.  Ideally, I would like to take one subject matter a week and post a few things pertaining to it on this here blog, but whether it actually happens will be a surprise for us all.  

Hypomania likes to pump me full of grand ideas and confidence, and then she runs out on me and I’m left with a mess on my hands.  The ol’ bitch.  Oh well,  I’m just going to accept it day to day and see what happens.    

Enya – May It Be

This song is so good. So powerful. So calming and…well sad.
It always puts me to sleep (because its soothing, not because it sucks) and I totally enjoy Enya when I am feeling angry or ugh. Please listen to this song if your feeling rage or out of control and Enya will put jt down.

Don’t listen if your feeling really sad because she has a tendency to make it not better. Enya just has that voice, like Kenny G has that instrument. Its just get to your soul..

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