Jahi McMath is DEAD

This makes me sick. The news about Jahi McMath.

People say no one can say anything about their situation unless they’ve been in a similar situation. Unfortunately, millions have: their loved one has been declared brain dead. 

Brain dead means dead. When 5 doctors, 3 from different hospitals, have declared someone dead, a death certificate is drawn up and only a coroner can move the body the person is dead. They aren’t coming back.

What religion are the parents from? Seriously.

And this? She is nothing like Terri Shiavo. Terri Shiavo was in a vegetative state. She wasn’t dead. She had a feeding tube, didn’t need a ventilator, and was still sort of there. I don’t know exacts on that case, it’s been a while, but she was in a coma, came out of it, but never came out of the vegetative state. This child bled out, had a heart attack, 3 days after surgery and legally died.

They were going to take her off life support after they realized she had no brain activity, that the brain stem was no longer active. This means there is no blood circulation, her heart wouldn’t beat without the life support, she is unable to regulate body temperature, digest food (so a feeding tube is out, the food would not digest, it would rot inside her), do anything, basically.

Every cell in her body is slowly committing suicide.

Sounds macabre? They’re doing this to the body of their child. The child isn’t in there anymore. She’s gone to Heaven, or whatever the family believes in. Why do they think she’ll come back? What do they have to do to prove she’s dead? Are they doing it for money? They have a site asking for donations. And then I read this:

The nearly $50,000 in private donations the family has raised since taking the case public helped cover the carefully choreographed handoff to the critical care team and transportation to the new location, Sealey said. The facility, where Jahi is expected to remain for some time, is run by a charitable organization that so far hasn’t sought payment, Dolan said.

They’re still asking for donations. Why don’t they get them for a nice funeral? Obviously health insurance was cut off the second the doctors declared her dead. She went in to have her tonsils and other things removed to end her sleep apnea, which she had because she was overweight. I’m not fat bashing. I’m stating what the surgery was for. She didn’t die during surgery, it happened 3 days later, she started bleeding and had a heart attack which she couldn’t  be revived from.

The hospital that the family was suing and fighting is one of the best in the US. Countless families have had success there. They say they wanted Jahi dead. No. She died. People lose children. It’s sad, its a fucking tragedy to lose a child, to be told the child is brain dead, that they have to bury their child, but can’t this family have some respect for their child, stop battering the decaying body and let her rest in peace?

They’re pumping her full of electrolytes the body has no idea what to do with because the brain and brain stem are dead and can’t tell the body what to do. Apparently she has a feeding tube now. The body doesn’t know what to do with the food. It’ll sit inside her. She’s literally rotting. We can call it the Jahi die-t. Sorry, gallows humour. What facility would take a dead body on life support?

Her organs could have, in December, when she died, saved others lives, if they were in shape to. They legally need an autopsy because she died after a surgery. The Terri Schiavo Foundation says they’re protecting her dignity and honour. I don’t think there’s any dignity in this. The mother is making an idiot of herself. She’s taking peoples money and this girls heart is going to give up soon. She already had an attack. No one is going to try to revive her.

It’s sickening. And it’s sad. It’s really fucking sad.

I can see the mother ending up straight in the looney bin when her daughter doesn’t miraculously recover.

Nothing will save this girl. She isn’t coming back.

She says its her religion to do everything. What religion is this nutcase part of?

God, if someone did that to me, I’d come back and haunt them as they tortured my body.

They paint her nails and toenails, probably so in the photos, you can’t see that they’re black. Blood can’t circulate properly without the brain functioning, even though her heart still beats.

They want her to die a natural death. How is it natural if she has a ventilator and all these machines and her heart stops beating? Her heart is beating artificially. She’s already dead. There’s a certificate.

It’s just sickening. The case is, the child isn’t coming back unless someone is a wizard and has a resurrection spell (sorry, D&D humour) or a brain transplant, and can then fix all the damage that has been done.

Let her rest. Bury her. 

On a scale of 1 to batshit insane, this family falls under batshit fucking insane. 

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