We all have fears that can range from borderline silly to crippling and debilitating.  The trouble is, that friend of yours that is terrified of cats, doesn’t see it as silly.  Perhaps something happened in her life to change her and make her believe cats can really hurt her.  Is it our right to judge the seriousness of someone else’s problems? 


I have some very deep rooted fears.  I am afraid of heights, claustrophobic, and agoraphobic just to name a few.  I am certain that there are people out there that find these fears silly.  Go for it.  Just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life. 


These fears have become the cornerstone of my life at times.  I get invited out and I can’t go.  I may be faced with a harrowing ride in an elevator with far too many people in it.  I have even had panic attacks watching people go into small spaces on TV. 


So it begs the questions, how do we fix it?  Can we fix it? 


The hardest part about fear is that the older you get, and the longer you go without addressing them, the worse they get.  I have experienced months of isolation in my own home because of my fear of open spaces with too many people.  There have been times when driving, I will get an image in my head of all of the other cars coming at me hitting me.  It’s completely terrifying.


There are ways to cope.  Obviously you need to talk to a professional about it, there’s just no way around that.  Take someone that you trust to the appointment with you as well.  I NEVER go to a doctor appointment without someone, because in my opinion, if you have someone there to back you up, they are ever so slightly less likely to tell you, “It’s all in your head”.  Well of course it is, it’s MENTAL ILLNESS. 


It’s a rather overused and stereotypical term, but all I can say is baby steps.  For me, it started with being able to walk to the mailbox at the end of our driveway.  I still kept my keys in my hand even though I unlocked all of the locks. 


Even writing it, and knowing I lived it makes it appear silly.  I understand why people just don’t get it, I just wish they would try. 


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