Can’t stop unintentionally losing weight.. Most people would love this!

I have the opposite problem to most.

I take Topamax, 200mg (just upped from 150mg). So I take 50mg in the morning and 150mg at night.. I also take Piportil (a depot shot, similar to Prolixin, but isn’t available in the US due to patents and stuff). It really helps. Clonazepam (0.5mg am, 1mg pm and rarely PRN) Lexapro (40mg am), Ritalin (20mg am, 20mg in the afternoon) and Artane for side effects (2.5mg am, 2.5mg pm). I am also a light (half pack a day) smoker, menthol cigarettes.


Smooth. I know people think menthol is gross, but it’s the only thing I smoke.

I’ve lost 40lbs since October. I was slightly overweight. I used to suffer from EDNOS, and I’m not engaging in any eating disordered behaviours. When I’m hungry, I eat, when I’m not, I don’t. I drink a lot of water, but also juices. Right now I’m drinking real orange juice. I stay away from pop (soda) because topamax makes it taste funny. I spent three days at my ex-bf’s, I don’t exercise a lot, I horseback ride once or twice a week and always eat a LOT after, coz its cold out and I’m just ravenous, and I’m still losing weight. It’s concerning me because I’m going towards a lower weight and I want to stay around my “set weight”, give or take 5lbs.


Fully clothed, after eating

I eat what I want, and that includes chips and salsa, which I always have in the house, normal chips (fried, generally), french fries, meatballs, soups and stews (I love ‘em). I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast or cereal.. at my bf’s we were making omelette’s with real cheese (I only had 2 eggs in mine, but we put lots of cheese and hot dog pieces in it), pasta, we’d go to McDonalds, and I lost weight. I’m not stressed out. I eat a lot of subs from Subway, I love close to one, and I don’t go for the “lighter” options.. my mom can also eat anything and not gain weight, but I’m still losing!


YECH. Except my vomit is less rainbow and tastes worse.

I hate Ensure.. I had to drink that crap when I broke my jaw in 2002. It nauseates me.. coz 8 weeks of drinking it, and milkshakes and UGH, you kinda get an aversion to it. I see my GP on the 28th for my Piportil shot, blood work because I’m expressing my concerns about the keep-losing-weight thing. Could it be my thyroid. He’ll probably check everything off for blood work, weigh me.. he is always right on what needs to be done.. I don’t deny myself of foods I want, but I just don’t want to eat sometimes, or I’ll crave something, go and get it or make it, and then just eat a bit of it.


Me, for sure. And my mom.

I love eating. I love food. But if you took me to All You Can Eat Sushi, I’d barely touch a thing. They said the weight loss from Topamax would stop around my set weight, but 110lbs isn’t my set weight, 120 is. People keep commenting “Oh my god, you’ve lost so much weight. How’d you do it!”. My blood pressure has been in the normal-a bit low, range. I don’t get dizzy standing up, sometimes I get a bit dizzy the day of or after the injection because I get a bit sedated for a day or two, but it goes away and I’m back to almost baseline.


I used to be able to eat the whole thing.. mmm

I hate complaining about something so many people wish they could do – lose weight without trying, but when I weigh myself (a couple times a week, not obsessively) and it goes down I’m like “Oh, shit! Dr B is gonna kick my ass” (well, he already sticks needles in it!)

feb15evildocNah, Dr B’s way too nice

I’ve actually lost 27% of my body weight. Take that Biggest Loser.

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