Reading Books

Book ReadingJust as a note, this graphic has (in it’s original context) absolutely nothing to do with mental health. However, since it resonates with me, I’m writing about this graphic. 🙂

So, I feel like for normal people, a book of this length in 1 day would be something almost impossible. Or at least, not easy to handle. But I read at a highly advanced speed and comprehension level. So I can read a 600-page book in less than half a day, given my own personal interest in the topic at hand.

But…I’ve noted. My ability to read extensively at that pace is linked into my moods. Sure, an occasional book-binge of 600-800 page in a day is nothing unusual for me. However when it comes down to extended periods where I read multiple books of that length, back-to-back without any trouble is where I realize it seems to fall into periods where I’m hypomanic.

I think this would be easier to notice for me, if I weren’t already so obsessed with reading and so much into reading as much as I can. But still, the fact remains that I have noticed that when I’m more hypomanic I tend to go through binges of reading in which I go through perhaps dozens of books in a few day span. When I’m depressed it’s not that I don’t read, or that I read at any measurably slower pace…it’s more that I choose to read heavier themed books that take longer to read. That’s a pattern that I didn’t really realize until I looked back on the cycle of literature I chose to read throughout high school.

Still, this graphic kind of made me laugh. It has absolutely nothing to do with mental illness as it is intended. It just made me realize something about myself and my own patterns. I’m a consummate bibliophile and these kinds of things that draw out a subconscious pattern to my reading choices that I really am rarely aware of…that’s an interestingly fun thing.

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