Dear Self: How to Improve Your Morning

Totoro struggles on Mondays…

Did you have a rough start to your day? Monday mornings seem to rarely treat us kindly. I’ve tried going to bed earlier, picking my outfit the night before, and making sure my bag is already packed, but my mornings still don’t go smoothly.

Part of the problem is that I wake up with Sunday night’s anxiety weighing over me. I’m worried about how my week will start and whether or not everything will be checked off of my to do list. It’s terrible to wake up and immediately feel overwhelmed.

It’s important to start each day fresh and appreciate the morning for what it is: an opportunity. Yes, there are obligations to fulfill and duties to be performed, but we can address them in a way that reinforces self love and acceptance.

Over my winter break, I experimented a few times with writing letters to myself that I would read first thing in the morning – before my feet even touched the floor. The purpose was to remind me to take care of myself. Here is an example letter:

Good morning, Jenna!

I hope you had a good sleep. There are lots of important things to do today. Start by taking care of yourself – get squeaky clean! Then set up your room to look just how you want it. Make sure you take care of the pups, too! Work on your blog, take some pictures, read, write those emails. You can do it!

Don’t forget to eat something yummy. You need to be full when you work on calculus in the afternoon.

It’s okay if you have bad thoughts: try to relax, take your PRN if you need to, and remember to breathe.

Today is going to be a good day. You are going to work hard and have fun. You are wonderful. You deserve to be alive. You will have happy moments. 


P.S. It is okay to take ONE nap if you need it.

It’s not a miracle cure for morning agitation, but it is certainly helpful! Writing to myself felt awkward at first. Over time, it got easier. I allowed myself to say cheesy thing like “You deserve to be alive” because I need to hear that sometimes!

I would encourage you all to try to write a note to yourself tonight. It doesn’t have to be an epistle of Biblical proportions; a Post-It note may suffice. Be kind to yourself and see what happens!

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