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Winter 2009

I have been a little scarce on both writing here and reading other blogs.  Hopefully I will feel more like myself soon.  I’m just trying to rest as much as possible and simplify my days for now.  I do have a few random thoughts and updates to share:

-Winter in Georgia can be quite a trainwreck sometimes.  A little bit of snow and/or ice and the whole state shuts down.  I’m sure we provide quite a few eyerolls for the northern states who are used to several feet of snow, but our little southern world is just never prepared for it, meaning that many roads are impossible to drive.  I have been packing today because we are spending the night at the hotel my fiance works at in preparation for the 7-inch snow and sheets of ice that are predicted.  I have packed for a three day stay, but hopefully we aren’t stuck there for that long.  But by being at the hotel, it ensures that my fiance can work (and will probably rack up more overtime since other employees aren’t apt to show up) and I will not be stuck at home, potentially without power, by myself with a crazed toddler (who, by the way, is terrified by the sight of snow). 

My girls playing nicely together! 2009

-I am 9 lb down in my weight loss endeavor.  I have 41 more to go until I reach the ideal healthy weight for a woman my height and age.  Making it through mild to moderate depression without binge eating is a challenge; usually I eat to feel the void; now I am forcing myself to get up and exercise every time I feel that urge.   

-Is it wrong of me to wish this 2 1/2 year old had an OFF button?  I swear I’d turn him right back on in just a few minutes.  

-While I will probably be offline for a few days due to the hotel stay, I am thinking when I get back I will run a few public domain articles on here that contain some useful information.  I figure it will be a nice break from my dreary personal posts, and I certainly haven’t had time to write any of my own informational articles for a while, which is what I originally planned for this blog to be.  

-A couple of days ago I wrote down all the things I could think of that were bothering me.  The list was getting pretty long and, honestly, I got bored writing it all down.  I don’t know if I will ever share it on here, but I will say it was an eye opener.  Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies until we force ourselves to make note of it.  Looking at that list, I can now decide what I can change and what I must accept.  My next project:  writing down all the good things in my life. 

My son hating the snow 2014

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