Not much going on

Since the Piportil Depot shot I’ve been pretty damn good. Not much to complain about. My mind is clear, my paranoia and delusions are gone, no seeing things, no hearing things.

It’s really nice.

I have a shot on Friday.

I had a cold from hell all weekend, it’s going away.

Getting HD cable hooked up today. Rearranged my room a bit. Reading books on Scribd on my Samsung Galaxy Mega. It’s awesome, I’ve already saved like $40 on ebooks, because I would have bought all the books I’ve read. Right now I’m reading “Stolen Innocent” about the FLDS, and how she escaped.

I read “Sarah Vaughan is Not My Mother”. I may review it. Quick read. Pretty good book, about one hospitalization about a schizoaffective young woman (she’s 26). Interesting read.

Been reading about the 24 Hour Challenge. Welcome to Canada, where cold weather means less clothes and more beer. It IS a fundraiser, though. Who could pass up on that? I hope to get nominated. I’ve seen some funny ones.

My friend Kwinn had her stallion pulling a sled with “Batman” (guy in underwear, boots: gotta have sensible boots at the barn, and a cape) on it, and he got off, jumped in the snow and chugged a beer. HILARIOUS.

Then she did one, where she was riding a horse, in a bra and chaps, jumped off, got in the tractor, and dove in the snow, and chugged something like moonshine.. I have no idea what it was.. So funny.

Ahh, fun at the barn. I’m bringing my friend Steph for a lesson one day. :D

Saw my pdoc Thursday. He’s fine with the Piportil, glad it’s helping. He upped the Topamax to 200mg a day, 50mg am, 150mg pm. It helps me sleep, my moods stabilizing, but I don’t feel drugged. He’s moving up to Toronto, keeping me as a patient (yay! YAY!) and is sending me info and directions once he’s settled. I’ll see him next in May, and he trusts my GP to give me the shots and intervene if necessary. He gave me a ‘script for 6 months. He told me what to do in emergencies and is pleased with my progress.

I’m glad he’s keeping me. I’m glad he gets along and communicates with my GP.

Glad glad glad. Better than bad bad bad.

Reading a lot. My mood tracker site, Wobbly Psyche, is almost done, except for the “Instant Update” part. It is a mood, med and symptom tracker. I think it’s cool. You do have to sign up, so it’s private for you. I’m happy with where it is. I need to overhaul the pages to make them look good, it’s bare-bones, but check it out!

I don’t verify email addresses, it’s in beta mode, so try it out. It’s 100% free and always will be.

So, having a good week.

See ya later!

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