3 Tips for Getting Along with Your Roommate

One of the best aspects of college life is living with my roommate, Kathleen. We had a lot of fun this weekend, so I thought I’d put together a list of three ways to help you and your roommate get along!
Go on adventures together. This picture was taken on a snow day. Instead of staying in bed, we decided to venture through the flurries to see the sun rise. We didn’t end up seeing anything, but it was a fun bonding experience. We’ve just started going to the gym together, and we often grab meals (pizza bagels!) side by side. It’s much more fun to have a partner in crime, even if you’re doing something as simple as going to the dining hall or taking a walk around campus.
Prank each other. This little imp was a gift from when I served on the NAMI Panel. Kathleen and I can’t get over how demonic he is. We take turns hiding him around the room and scaring each other. I was falling asleep one night and I reached under my pillow to find HIM. He is currently nameless, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. This freak needs a baptism stat.
Talk about mental health. Kathleen knows about my diagnosis, and she knows about most of my symptoms. Transparency is so much easier than attempting to hide it from her! Living with another person also serves as great motivation to get up in the morning. On days when I’m feeling depressed and would rather stay in bed, seeing Kathleen getting ready for the day motivates me to do the same. We also talk about pretty much everything: how we’re feeling, things that stress us out, weird things we see on tumblr… I’m ecstatic to live with someone who is a mental health advocate like I am. We have big plans for the world!
There was a time when I wanted to go to college and live in a single dorm. I’m glad I didn’t make that choice. I may be an introvert, but I do not enjoy being alone all the time! Even now, Kathleen and I are both working independently on our laptops. We’re not interacting, but I treasure her company. Being able to turn to her at any time to share something funny I’ve found, ask a question, or make plans has turned out to be a major part of my freshman experience. My final word of advice to future college students: don’t rule out a roommate. You just might end up with an awesome friend.

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