Depot injections and my mind is FINALLY QUIET

I maxed out the Haldol at 20mg a day and my diagnosis is now schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. So I’m on a depot injection, among my other meds (Topamax, Cipralex, Ritalin, Clonazepam and PRN Artane) called Piportil which is an older antipsychotic used pretty much everywhere except the US. I’m in Canada.


I was prescribed it yesterday, and went in for the shot today. I was pretty uneventful. My GP gave me the shot in my “bum” (sorry, that makes my laugh) and it was painless, just a little needle prick, which didn’t  hurt, you could just feel it, and that was it. Piportil is quite thick and they have to use relatively large needles, so you’d figure it’d hurt at least a bit. Nope. He’s a great GP and really gentle, so I wasn’t surprised. I was a bit nervous, but really, over nothing. I get nervous getting prescriptions refilled.


I’m on 1mL, or 50mg, every other week.

I went to a friends and slept for a couple hours. The most amazing thing happened though, my mind was so clear. I had 3 hours of amazing sleep. Then we got up, did daily stuff, like went to get his prescription refilled (kinda scared my GP that I was back, but I was like “No! It’s for him! He needs his Keppra refilled!” and he laughed. He has a good sense of humour, and I enjoy seeing him. Even if its for a shot in the butt.. err, bum.

My mind has been clear all day. No psychosis. Thinking straight. It’s amazing. I hope it stays this way. I haven’t had haldol since last night, when I took 5mg at night. I really hope it stays this way. If it does why didn’t I do this sooner?

Depot injections aren’t as scary or as bad as it seems. I’m not on any kind of treatment order or anything, this is 100% voluntary, “let’s try this and see how it pans out”. I’ll keep you updated. I really hope it works out.

My mind hasn’t been this clear in years.

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