Happy (Slightly Freaky) Friday

For any of you who follow me on my rarely used Twitter, I apologize for any links you may have received, as apparently I was hacked.  Thankfully Doug from My Equator Search let me know about it or it could have gone on quite a while I’m sure.  This nice little hacker had already changed my password AND email address, so that was fun.  But all seems to be back to normal now…for how long, who knows!  

By the way, if you want to follow my rarely-used-by-me-but-often-by-hackers twitter account, you can find me @Bipolarly. I really never caught on to the Twitter thing.  It still confuses me quite a bit…that can’t be a sign of my age because many people my age and older are really into it.  So perhaps it is a sign of my lack of intellect.  I am okay with that.  

Now, I am off to the hair salon.  Not only am I getting my long tangled mess chopped off, but my son is getting a much needed trim.  His first two haircuts were a nightmare, so I am not holding out much hope for better this time.  I am thankful for such a sweet hair stylist.  I have known her my whole life (she used to babysit me, in fact) and she is the only person I trust to do Jacen’s hair.  Bless her heart for that!   If you are the praying type, and I hope you are, then say a prayer for Susan the hair stylist, and for Jacen the victim, and for his dad and I, the evil pair who inflict such terrible things like haircuts upon them both.  


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