Petty Annoyances


So this is what is triggering my stress and making OCD-habits run a bit more rampant for me than normal right now.

Originally posted on Witch's Journey:

I love people who insist that witches, or pagans…whatever term they want to use, are so much better than other people. That they are so much more mature. I would like to present evidence that witches are absolutely normal people with normal issues.

I live in an apartment. My mom and I split bills. We live on the third floor, which is great. The first floor apartment directly below us has a dog. The dog is constantly left alone, and it barks constantly. For upwards of 30 minutes at a time. I know, logically, that it really isn’t the dog’s fault that it’s being neglected and left alone constantly for hours at a time. It can’t help that it is being locked up for hours on end, with no human contact. So it barks, which I know is just it being lonely and calling out for attention. Still though, I…

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