OCD and Trauma


This is an interesting look. Something I never considered, and looking back at my history…I would never say that there was some trauma that triggered my OCD. Still, I had never even heard of this as a potential cause for OCD. The things one learns…

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Family ShadowWhen discussing the causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder, the general consensus is that a combination of genetic and environmental factors likely leads to its development. There’s talk of genetic predisposition, triggering events, and childhood trauma. Oh, how that last one makes me cringe, and whether it’s my imagination or not, I’ve often felt I was being judged as a parent. The stigma I deal with personally has more to do with “What kind of parent are you?” than “Your son has a mental illness.”

So it makes me think. What kind of parent am I? Did I, or my husband, traumatize our son Dan and contribute to the development of his OCD? Well, I really don’t know. I’m certain that Dan grew up in a safe and loving home. But we’re not perfect. Was I less than patient when “forcing” toilet training on him as his fourth birthday fast approached? Yes.…

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