The Day is Done

After two productive days, I’ve had a really lazy, surf-the-net, stuff-my-face-with-food-until-I’m-sick kind of day.  I may be headed for another depression, but I’m not there yet.  Just really tired.  And prone to binge eating. I went to my daughter’s parent/teacher conference this afternoon, so that completed the wipe-out of my mental energy.  I wonder how odd teachers think it is when my daughters have a meeting scheduled and in walks not one, not two, but FOUR parents (and a toddler). I bet they don’t get that a lot.  But I hope they just assume that the girls have four parents that love them very much and that’s why we all show up, which is the truth. Whatever the teachers think of our crew, my daughter had a good report card and she was happy that we were all there, so that is what matters.  I made it through with no panic attacks, though I was very close to having one just before we left the house.  Success!  I am proud of myself for the trips out of the house I have made recently.  Next month we are planning on going out of town for my daughter’s livestock show.  A three hour drive and a few days away from the safety of home.  I am trying to focus on how a change of scenery and having maid service will be nice.  I can’t allow myself to think about the millions of things that could go wrong.  I will not do that to myself, or to my daughter.  I’m taking one day at a time.  Today went well, though I am exhausted.  That is all I have to do for now.  One scary step at a time.  

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