Short Story Review: The Tale of the Lantern Lady

I recently had the privilege of reading a short story, “The Tale of the Lantern Lady”, by Natalie Patterson Mohr. It provided a unique look at the course of mental illness through vivid imagery and symbolism. Here is a brief summary of the story, provided by Ms. Mohr: 

Whether it be sickness, life challenges, mental illness or spiritual voids, at times dark moments can seem to swallow us. After these experiences, we emerge with a new life lesson, a growth in character, or a change in perception. The Tale of the Lantern Lady is an allegorical story about the influential people who provide guidance and help to those suffering from such struggles. Despair can lead us to feel hopeless, isolated, and irrational and can make it more difficult to fight our battles alone. This story pays homage to the “angels” who bridge the gap between pain and positive change in others’ lives. Their “lanterns” encourage, illuminate, and empower those who struggle.

Natalie Patterson Mohr grew up in Morristown, Tennessee. She received a B.A. at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and completed her graduate degree at Lincoln Memorial University. She is a mental health advocate, a former Spanish teacher and mother to two young boys. She currently lives in East Tennessee and enjoys pursuing her passions of writing, art, community involvement, music, and life-long learning.

“As someone who struggles with a mental illness, I have learned over the years to treasure the advice and wisdom gained from many years of treatment. If it were not for the supportive encouragement of my therapist, friends and family, I would not be the person I am today. It is my hope that those in need of help will seek it diligently until they receive the care they deserve. I hope that others may be as fortunate as I have and find a positive support system where they can be helped to overcome their obstacles. No one should have to fight their battles alone in the dark.” – Natalie Patterson Mohr


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