Affirmations and Resolutions

Now that 2013 has wound to a close, people are making resolutions to change habits, diets, exercise patterns, the works. It’s as common for resolutions to be made as for the ball to come down at 11:59 every December 31st. People are also making declarations of living for themselves, making positive changes, etc. I suppose I’m one of those people. 2013 was not a great year, but not the worst. It was the year I was finally diagnosed with bipolar after years of suffering and it was a year marked by mistreating myself. So I guess my resolution or affirmation is to continue to take better care of myself. 

I vow to make 2014 a more positive year. Both in my life, and in the blogosphere. I’ve been too caught up in appearances and stats and knowing the right people, losing sight of the fact that I started my blog to be an outlet and aid to myself and others. My diagnosis has brought up a desire to learn more about the disorder, to really own it before it owns me. I’m reaching out to the blogosphere, both for help in dealing with the disorder on my own, but also so others can learn and grow as well. In focusing more on becoming a voice of bipolar, I’m also becoming more of an advocate for myself in the process. 2014 for me will be a year of focusing on myself and my wellness and helping others.

One of my resolutions is to reduce negativity, mostly towards myself. Being good to myself means I’m able to be better to others. I also resolve to put myself before others, which sounds insanely selfish, but seeing as I’ve never done that in all 30+ years of my life, it needs to be done. Making sure my self care is a priority will have a positive impact on all aspects of my life. At my job, I take care of other people all day every day. I need to reverse that as soon as I walk out of the hospital. My first goal of 2014 is to get my self care in order. I have an appointment with both my psychiatrist and my regular doctor, so a self care plan will be hammered out shortly. Once that’s in order, it is time to help heal others as I heal myself. I’m reaching out to other bloggers, other bipolar writers and trying to bring more understanding to the subject of bipolar. 

My final resolution is to love myself, unconditionally and without question. This is where the resolution becomes an affirmation as I plan to focus on what I love about myself rather than what I don’t love daily. I will remind myself daily that I’m worthy of so much more. It’s time to be kind to myself and see how it ripples through all my relationships.

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2014 beyond the typical “get fit” “lose weight” resolutions? Please share in the comments or email me at!

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