The Year in Review

This year I…
confessed that I had bipolar disorder.
started yoga.
found my voice as a mental health advocate during Mental Health Month in May.
had my first psychotic episode.
was “upgraded” from Bipolar II to Bipolar I. (I’m allowed to joke about it, ok?)
finished high school.
skipped prom and graduation.
organized and photographed the “What Does Mental Illness Look Like?” photo shoot with a group of beautiful friends.
moved in at Towson.
started college as an unhappy Chemistry major and finished my first semester as an excited English major.
experienced real heartbreak.
had a manic episode that resulted in hospitalization.
learned some powerful life lessons (and a few academic ones too).
was a mental health panelist at a NAMI event. 
Pardon the shadows. I was taking pictures very late at night in my bedroom.
So what’s going to happen next year? I have quite a few ideas!
I am participating in a 365 day photo project. You can stay updated by following or bookmarking my new tumblr. I’ll be documenting my days as well as experimenting/doing whatever I feel like doing. That will all be happening here:
I will be launching a BRAND NEW website that is currently untitled. It will be a place to share the faces and stories of individuals affected by mental illness, including survivors, family members, friends, significant others, etc. I will not be launching the website for a while, but I have already started compiling content. It’s going to be rad.
I will be focusing a lot of my efforts on collaboration. There are so many talented and unique individuals that are a part of my community, online and real world. I want to connect with these powerful people and make a difference.
At some point I also have to fit in the 18 credits’ worth of classes I’m taking, Active Minds, and finishing my book.
Oh wait – I didn’t tell you? I’m also writing a book.
2014 is going to be jam-packed full of awesome.

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