A Song for My Sister

My sister and I are separated by nearly 2000 miles. But, as is often the case with sisters, there is an unbreakable bond and there’s rarely a day I do not feel surrounded by her love and support. She is one of the most giving, loving, amazing and beautiful people ever to grace my life and I thank God every day for her.

My sister and I do not look alike, she takes after mom while I look more like dad. She’s definitely more of a girly girl than me, but we’re very much alike in other ways. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves, give to others far more than we ever get back and both still have that dream of finding “the one”.  I wish right now I could say that we both have that one person in our lives. Instead, my sister and I are alike in finding ourselves tired, sad and heartbroken after giving our hearts and getting them back broken. In her instance, she’s tried and tried to make things work, but circumstances seem to keep interfering. In my instance, it’s once again losing my heart to someone totally ill suited for me. Did I mention my sister and I both adore firefighters? Yup, we’re a little too alike sometimes…

I heard this song recently and it made me think of exactly where my sister and I are in our lives…

The lyrics hit way too close to home for me, and I know my sister will probably cry when she listens to the song. But  I take heart in knowing I gave as much as I could, so while it certainly hurts to know things between The Paramour and I are not going to work out (and my heart won’t get the memo for a long time) I at least know I did my best. The Paramour came into my life and woke up feelings I thought were long gone. But two broken people cannot have a healthy relationship.

My sister has given so much to her guy for years now, and there’s always a reason things don’t work out for them. She deserves so much more than being on the back burner of someone’s life. I know she’s going to hurt for a while but I pray she never loses hope that one day she will find the right guy who makes her a priority, as she deserves.

So, not only is this a song for my sister, it’s a song for the brokenhearted who find themselves in similar situations.  We deserve to be happy and not feel ashamed for having given so much of ourselves.

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