Comic Genius

Are comics the best form to get messages across? Sometimes I am convinced that I should drop the lengthy sentences and pick up a blank piece of paper instead. I’m quite serious.

This recent creation, from Steven “Smashy” Curtis, hits the nail on the head for me. It’s a very clear explanation for others, visually representing what his experience living with bipolar is like. I can really identify with his message. Frankly, I love it. He touches on social inclusion, relationships, affects of the disorder, and his treatment — all in one little comic.

I’m so pleased that he includes the subject of how his relationship affects him. He has support, just as he should. It’s an important area of living for so many of us, and our wonderful partners often deserve a piece of chocolate, and a high-five, for their contributions to our sometimes murky lives.

Please check out this brilliant bit of work:

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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