Someone Turn the Light On

Forgive me for being sparse with post lately but I have been …. well compounded with two depressions. One is my Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Depression while the other is me having really bad menstrual depressions. Plus i am Bipolar so it is just not fun to be in my mind right now.

I desperately need some advice. I would usually Google and read journals online myself but my energy is tapped.

See I saw my psych today and she increased my AP and suggested I get a Light Therapy Box for treatment of S.A.D.. There are two different types of lights as I understand and one is for people with skin problems while the other is used for what I need which is the winter time or seasonal depression. She said they range in price from $40-$400, come in different strengths of LUX? or LUV?, and different companies.

Does anyone out there in Blogger world have any experience with these SAD lamps or know someone who does? Does anyone know if insurance would cover it or is it tax deductible? I just have no clue.

Thank you ahead of time for commenting I really do appreciate any advice.

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