I Want To Be A Mentor

I have been endlessly inspired by the number of young people out there video blogging about their experiences with bipolar. I just completed my thirty-fifth rotation around the sun. Thirty-five years of life has taught me much, but I’m certain there is an infinite amount to learn going forward, and much of it can be derived from those who are younger than myself.

These brave young people are taking technology and using it in a miraculous way. They are telling their stories, unashamed, and unencumbered by social pressure and stigma. The fact that they are sharing their struggles (and hopefully triumphs) with immense honesty means that others who aren’t feeling so open can benefit. It means these kids/young-adults are not alone, and they can relate, which is so important at that age. People with bipolar are not freaks of nature. We are all individual creations with unique blessings and gifts, and struggles to surmount. I’m sure some of these young bloggers don’t realize the power of their actions, but I do.

I’ve been so inspired by the progressive openness that each generation seems to offer. It made me think. Is there such an organization like the Big-Brother / Big-Sister organization that allows older people to be mentors to teenagers and young adults who have bipolar? Wouldn’t it be powerful if people like myself, who have had the great benefit of excellent care and family support, could act as guides to those who are coming to terms with not just adulthood but also a mental illness. I want to be a great example of just how positive your life can be if you take control of this diagnosis, and learn to work with it.

Maybe there is a parent out there who needs a little help with this subject. It would be an honor to participate constructively in shaping a young life into something brilliant. I offer this to my own children, but it doesn’t need to end there. There’s no reason that I can see to limit my work, and only concentrate on the adult population, of those dealing with bipolar.

Please pass my message around. I live outside of San Francisco, but there are video chats to be had, and geography shouldn’t limit anything. I hope others will join me.

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