Technology and Bipolar

I just had an amazing conversation with an up and coming graduate student, Neha Saigal. While I can’t go into the details of her product, which is under development, I can say with enthusiasm that her product will change the way we track our moods, and monitor our overall health. Many of us use mood-trackers to determine our general state of well being, and share them with our health care professionals.

Neha is bringing it to the next level. She will be featured in the coming months on this blog, and I can’t wait to unveil what she’s working on.

In the mean time, what sort of biofeedback or mood-tracking do you all use? I use personally, but I find it only meets some of my needs. I also use a fitbit to determine how much sleep I’m getting. I find the objective evidence very important. I know a lot of people with bipolar do.

It’s an exciting time to be alive with all the advances being made around us. Stay tuned!

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