Wrapping Up ThanksGreening Week

It’s Black Friday and I did not join the frenzy of early bird shoppers, I instead headed in to work. I am thankful for my job and the opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually daily. As I’ve mentioned before, I work in an emergency room. The people I encounter are sometimes having the absolute worst day of their lives, or at least a really bad day. On days when my head hurts or I’m emotionally frazzled from the bipolar, finding empathy can be difficult. But then I go in to work, I realize my day could be much worse and I find that warmth, I find my heart and try to help make the situation better or at least more positive. I get to end my day knowing I had a direct, positive impact on someone’s life, rather than just being an observer.

My job is obviously stressful, with me seeing/hearing/smelling things I wish I never had. I make sure to decompress as compartmentalizing the feelings starts to backfire after so long. Making crafts helps me to de-stress ( if you read my blog regularly this is not at all surprising) and one project is luxurious, clever and green! The project is making my own coffee scrub. It’s a huge help in the winter for getting rid of dry skin and moisturizing. Here’s the recipe:

1 cup of coffee grounds

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 cup room temperature EV coconut oil


Mix coffee grounds and sugar together until well blended. Add to coconut oil and mix. Store in jar.

Coconut oil is liquid once it reaches 73 degrees, so if it is too soupy, pop the container into your fridge for a short spell. If it’s too solid, either place in bathroom while you’re showering (the steam will soften the coconut oil) or place closed container under stream of warm water for a few minutes. Take care when using in shower as the coconut oil can make your tub/shower slippery. This is a great, quick project that’s a good gift idea. It’s also great to use up those coffee grounds from your morning pot of coffee. I use it on my hands to combat the dryness of my constant handwashing and winter cold.

Have you found an interesting or clever way to reuse something that would otherwise have gone in the trash? Share your projects in the comments!

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