More Thankful than Green

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and most families are wrapping up or have wrapped up their big holiday dinners. I had to work today, so I didn’t get to spend time with my family and had a quiet evening at home instead. I couldn’t bear to read any more of my PHTLS (pre hospital trauma training stuff) book and was honestly having some blogger’s block. I have no “green” portion for today, so I figured I’d tell you about what I’m most thankful for today:


You’ve seen this adorable little fluffball in pictures of my DIY’s. This is Fluffernutter, or Fluff for short. She’s the quintessential cat: curious, playful, manipulative and adorable. I adopted her at a very low point in my life, when I didn’t know where my life was going. I didn’t want a pet as I was having trouble even taking care of myself, let alone a living creature beyond myself. My mother’s friend found her outside her home, apparently the victim of abandonment. She asked if I wanted a cat as she couldn’t keep her and initially I said no. Then I went to go see her, and look at her- She’s so cute your head wants to implode. I took her home that same night. It hasn’t been easy. I wasn’t prepared for how playful/kittenish she was at the time. Fluff is very, very curious and sassy and it caused a lot of chewed/damaged items, lots of lost sleep and frustration. She’s a bit calmer now, and I realize God put this little furball into my life for a reason. We were both abandoned, without a real home or place in the world. Her frustrating traits serve to remind me that I have my own faults but still deserve love, just like her. She loves me and is always so happy when I come home from work. Fluff has several little quirks that I love, like the way her meows sound like she’s saying “Ma”, the fact that she comes running when I call her, and that she stops running to stretch out like she’s practicing yoga. Fluff is my second chance cat, my feline mirror. We’re both cute but frustrating, mischievous yet good-hearted, sassy but sweet. So today, as we relax in the cozy warmth of our urban farmstead, I’m especially thankful for my crazy and cute kitty roommate.

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