ThanksGreening Day 2

Today is a tough day. Many friends have lost loved ones within the last few days, which always makes you stop and think about how precious life is and how lucky we are to wake up and see another day. So today I’m grateful for life itself, with all its ups and downs, joys and sorrows. All the more reason to live with as little impact, both on ourselves and the planet, as possible.

In keeping with our Greening theme but recognizing the consumerism that seems to define the US, I’m excited to talk about a program some of you may already be aware of. Patagonia, maker of fine sports/outerwear clothing have a great program called their Common Thread Partnership. The goal of the program is to reuse, recycle and reduce our environmental impact. It’s a pledge between the manufacturer and their customers to provide a quality product, with responsible use of the products. With the Common Threads program, Patagonia will repair, replace worn out products, find a new home for items you no longer use or recycle existing products into something new. It’s a simple, yet intelligently realistic program put on by one of the most famous lifestyle clothing companies in the world.

As a proud owner of repurposed Patagonia clothing (yay Regulator fleeces!!), I can vouch for the quality of what you receive. My used items are several years old, but certainly don’t look/smell/feel old. If you’ve always wanted the look of Patagonia, but couldn’t afford it, the Common Thread Partnership may be just the thing for you, or for gifts this upcoming holiday season. It’s absolutely a fantastic way to responsibly provide a product and reduce waste.

Join Patagonia for “Anti Black Friday”, which encourages us to not buy what we don’t need and to reuse what we already do have.

Do you know of any other companies who practice sustainability and responsibility? Share them with us in the comments!!

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